Why You Should Learn How To Fix Your Phone

Why You Should Learn How To Fix Your Phone And How You Can Turn This Into A Side Hustle

Breaking your mobile phone can be a stressful experience, particularly if your phone is valuable or has photos or information that is sentimental to you. Taking your phone to a repair shop can be expensive which is why you may want to consider learning how to fix your phone yourself. It is important to state that fixing mobile phones can be a difficult task; however, the thing about difficult-to-learn skills is that they are probably also difficult for other people to learn as well. This means that if you started your own business you could be facing lower competition, and the demand is there because almost everyone has a smartphone these days. If you decide to start a business out of your newly acquired knowledge you should watch out for internet scams that prey on people wanting to start their own business.

Most Common Reasons Phones Get Broken And How To Fix Your Phone

Dropping The Mobile Phone

Unsurprisingly this is the most common reason people accidentally break mobile phones. It could be that the phone slipped off your hand, out of a bag or off a table the more times you drop your phone the more likely it is that your phone will break. You can reduce the possibility of your phone breaking from being dropped by putting your phone in a hardback case; if you seek out mobile phone cases that have good customer reviews, you can maximise the chances of purchasing a quality phone case to protect your mobile phone.

Another thing to consider is a screen protector, as the mobile phone screen is the most likely component of your phone to break if your phone is dropped, as the screen protector will be able to shield the phone screen from drops and scratches that your phone may receive from being dropped. For maximum drop protection, you should get a glass-tempered screen protector for your phone. A combination of a good quality phone case and a glass tempered screen protector can help you provide maximum protection for your phone if you drop it.

The Fix

If dropping your phone has caused your phone screen to break which is the most common way a phone breaks if if dropped you could be looking to shell out anything up to £150. However, some repair shops may charge higher prices than this. By purchasing a new mobile phone screen yourself, you can save money by repairing your phone screen yourself instead of taking it to a repair shop. Just make sure that you purchase a mobile phone screen that is the same make and model as your mobile phone to avoid compatibility issues.

Another thing to consider is that there is a reason why most people take their phones to repair shops, mobile phones can be difficult to repair. Replacing the mobile phone screen if necessary could take you between 2-5 hours, the more technological knowledge and willingness to learn that you have the better but even then you may struggle. But the thing about skills that are difficult to learn is that they can be great things to learn and master, as having knowledge and experience of these hard-to-learn skills can create business opportunities for you.

Water Damage

Another common reason people accidentally break their phone is by dropping their phone in liquid, this could range from accidentally dropping your phone in your food or drink to accidentally dropping the phone into a swimming pool. Whenever you have any kind of technology near liquids you should always be extra careful not to accidentally drop your technological devices into liquids as this could cause damage to your phone. Another option you can consider is next time you purchase yourself a new phone you should look for mobile phones that are water resistant, there is an increasing range of phones that have varying degrees of water resistance available to buy.

The Fix

If you accidentally drop your phone in liquid you should remove your phone from the liquid as soon as possible, you should then turn your phone off and leave it turned off for several hours. If you have a protective case on your phone you should also remove this. If your phone has a removable battery SIM card and microSD card you should also remove these. The next thing you should do is use a cloth or paper towel to dry your phone, but you should ensure that you do not rub your phone whilst drying it as you could accidentally push more water into sensitive parts of your phone such as the charging port. Instead, you should dry your phone by dabbing it with a cloth.

Another thing you can consider is vacuuming around the openings of your phone such as the charging port and speakers to suck as much water out as possible, but it is important to be gentle whilst doing this as you don’t want to make the situation any worse. You have probably heard about the benefits of putting your phone in rice if you accidentally drop your phone in water, as the rice can absorb the water on your mobile phone device. Putting your phone in a plastic zip bag with several silica gel packets is a better idea as silica gel packets are better at sucking out the moisture in the air than rice. You can find silica gel packets in the packaging when you purchase new products such as a pair of shoes or certain types of technology.

Mobile Phone Overheating

If your mobile phone is currently overheating you should stop doing anything that you are currently doing on your phone, playing games on your phone can sometimes cause your phone to start overheating. Stopping whatever you are doing on your phone can help prevent your phone from overheating more. This includes turning off wireless networks on your phone, you can do this easily by switching on aeroplane mode within the settings. Another thing you can do is to remove your phone from any cases that it may be in, this can help it cool down faster.

It may also be tempting to put your phone in the freezer if your phone is overheating, but this is not recommended as the moisture from within cold places like fridges and freezers can cause your phone to experience further problems. Instead, you can try fanning your phone yourself or switching on a fan in your house and putting your phone nearby so that the fan can help your phone cool down.

The Fix

Another thing you can do to fix your phone is to turn off your phone and take out the battery if it is meant to be removable and leave the battery and the rest of the phone separated for several hours in a cool, dry place. If your phone does not have a removable battery you should still turn off your phone and leave it in a dry, cool place for several hours. After you have left your phone to cool down you could try to turn your phone back on and see if it still works, making sure you keep aware of any overheating issues in the future.

How To Turn Fixing Your Phone Into A Business

You could start by offering your services for free to your friends and family, this will allow you to gain experience fixing different problems that people are facing with their mobile devices. You will also gain experience fixing phones from different manufacturers and finding solutions that can fix issues on certain devices but not others.

You should then create a business plan explaining what services you offer and your goals as a business register your business with your national government’s tax office and apply for a trademark to protect your company name if you desire. You can then start advertising your services in your local area on posters or using location-specific social media advertisements. There are several ways you can advertise your business, ensure that you do your research and find out what your competition is doing to attract business themselves, you can then take the best parts of their advertising and start using them to advertise your own business.


Learning how to fix your phone not only means that you don’t have to take your phone to a repair shop if you accidentally break it, but you can use this skill to start a business of your own.

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