iOS 16- The complete guide to the next iPhone os update

ios16 complete guide

iOS 16- The complete guide to the next iPhone os update

iOS 16 Launch has been announced in Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Similar to every iOS update, iOS update will bring tons of changes, new features and improvements for your iPhone. Thus, get ready and know all about the next huge iPhone OS Update in 2022 through this article.

What is WWDC?

WWDC stands for WorldWide Developers Conference. The Apple Company organises this event specially for the developers who create apps and other features for Iphones.

The WWDC event now happens both online and offline. The WWDC is organised for a week and mostly happens in the first week of June.

Importance of Apple’s WWDC

The Apple Company uses this event as a press event to announce new software updates. Furthermore, Apple also introduces or launches new Macs in this event. Apple also invites developers so that they can get early access or get beta versions to test the features.

All about iOS 16

As we know iOS is the OS for iPhones. The iPhones get updates to iOS for a long time and that’s why they are also valuable for a lot of users.

It is expected that iOS 16 will be launched for users of iPhone 8 and above. The release date of iOS 16 is expected to be early september.

It is important to note that iOS 16 that will be launched in September will be a stable version.

The beta version of iOS 16 was immediately launched at WWDC. So, you can think of it as that iOS 16 is now under testing phase and the public beta will also be released soon.

You can install iOS 16 beta version before the stable version but it’s recommended only for developers only.

Latest Announced iOS 16 Features

Lock Screen Update

Apple’s iPhone that is highly famous for tightly closed and not allowing customization will see a major change. Now, you will be able to customise your lock screen using a variety of widgets, wallpapers, colours on your iPhone.


You will be able to see live notifications  such as scores of your favourite games, workouts etc. on your lock screen. Apart from that, you will also be able to access the notifications from the bottom of the screen.

Messages Upgradation

Messages in the Iphone will also see drastic improvements. You will now be able to edit or unsend messages. Furthermore, you will also be able to mark any thread as unread in iOS 16. Lastly, you will also see more cool designs and customising options for your memoji.

Mail Features to Boost the Productivity

New options  for the mail in iOS 16  include scheduled sends and, very briefly, the ability to recall transmitted messages. Besides, mail will also nudge you if the respondent has not responded to your mail. You will also get to see other productive and follow up tools in mail in iOS 16.

Privacy Features

To help people who are dealing with domestic abuse or similar difficulties, this privacy feature allows you to see who has access to your credentials or hardware permissions and instantly remove them. System apps may be locked down to only the device you’re using right now using this feature, as well as Messages and FaceTime.

Final Words

iOS 16 is going to be one of the most important iOS updates in iPhone history. There are plenty of reasons for this. But one of the main reasons is more flexibility that you will now have on your iPhone. There are also rumours of Always on Display and some more other features like android in iOS 16. Whether rumours are true or not, one thing is sure iOS 16 will be worth waiting for.


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