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Hello and welcome to our “Gadget Write for Us” page!

At Games and Gadget, we are always looking for dedicated authors who want to share their comprehensive knowledge and personal experiences in the world of cutting-edge technology and gadgets. 

We offer a warm invitation to you whether you have a seasoned history in professional writing or simply have a great love for describing the world of gadgets. Your important thoughts, whether they are based on in-depth gadget evaluations or direct experiences, may considerably enhance the content of Games and Gadget. 

Without a doubt, your contributions will have a significant impact on how the conversation around cutting-edge technology and gadgets is framed. So, come forward and share your content with us. 

Why “Gadgets write for us”?

  • Enjoy unlimited creative expression; there aren’t any rigid rules to keep your writing in check.
  • Our audience is global, therefore you can reach them all.
  • Utilise our robust social media presence to promote your content widely on a range of channels.
  • Increase the visibility of your work by publishing your content on our website.

What do we Look for?

Your content has to be interesting, valuable, and data-driven. 

Furthermore, You must adhere to the following rules in order for your content to be published by us:

  • Make certain that the content is appropriate and at least 1000 words long.
  • Your writing must be unique and should not have been published anywhere.
  • Make sure any statements you make in the article are accurate and defensible. Furthermore, such claims must be supported by credible research or case studies.
  • Images must be used, but not ones that are protected by copyright. Furthermore, the images or infographics should be related to the topic and designed in such a manner that the reader can easily grasp it.
  • Clearly defined subheadings, paragraphs, appropriate space, punctuation, and bullet points should all be present in the article and while submission.

Guidelines for Submitting Content

To ensure the quality of our content, it’s important that your submissions adhere to our standards. 

Our editorial team retains the authority to decline submissions or make minor edits to your article as necessary.

  • Your content should have a minimum length of 1000 words and should deliver meaningful value to our audience.
  • You are allowed to include a single self-serving link. This can either be a do-follow link within the body of the article, directing readers to a relevant and useful resource like a blog post, or a dofollow link in your author bio, leading to your website or a social media platform.
  • It’s crucial that the included links are pertinent to the topic. Please refrain from including links to sites related to dating, SEO services, credit, and similar subjects.
  • When incorporating images, it’s imperative to respect the rights of others and avoid any copyright infringement. Properly attribute the images as required.
  • If you have any article suggestions, feel free to contact us via email.

Gamesandgadget wants to hear from you and publish your writing soon. Feel free to contact us at if you have any more inquiries.